Pole Dance Level System

1 x 90min Class per Week

Warm-Up, Technique, Full Group Choreography & Cool-Down

10 Weeks per Level / 10  Levels total

1 Person per Pole, 11 Persons max per Class

Level 1 is for complete beginners - no experience necessary

Our pole dance classes are divided into 10 levels and focus on the complete repertoire of internationally recognized pole tricks as well as group choreography. These classes are physically challenging and taught in small groups with attention to each student's individual needs. We have a one person per pole policy to ensure our student's safety and optimal training success. Classes are taught with attention to anatomy and include a warm-up & cool-down phase in a 90min / once per week basis. Pole dance has great physical benefits such as muscle tone, strength and endurance. Additional stretching classes are recommended to enhance the range of motion required especially in higher levels.

Each level has a set syllabus of pole moves & tricks. Once these are mastered, they are combined into sequences and ultimately choreography for each level. In our new combined semester schedule, one level takes 10 weeks to complete. Once per year, students can choose to participate in a public showing at our studio (totally optional!).


Pole dance classes can be visited by students from the age of 14* and over.

If you have previous pole dance experience, you are welcome to take a trial class in our ongoing courses to find the right level for you. If you are completely new to pole dance, please book a trial class for beginners.

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