How much do classes cost and how can I sign up?

Please see Schedule or Prices


I've taken pole dance classes before. Which Level should I attend?

Every studio teaches differently, so it's often hard to compare Levels.

In our Pole Dance classes, we spend 10 weeks in one Level mastering the skills of that level and learning at least one full group choreo.

You can always sign up for a trial class in our ongoing Level Courses which are listed in the Schedule

Sign up for any class and give that level a try without any further obligations.

Our teachers are happy to speak with you after class and recommend which level class to attend.


The semester already started - how can I still join a class?

After the first week of the semester, all current classes are listed in the Schedule.

You can attend any class on the schedule and pay per Single Class, 5er or 10er Class Card.


Can I change my booking?

You can cancel 24 hours before you booked class and change your schedule free of charge.

Any late cancellations or no shows cannot be refunded - this goes for all participants!

Please don't write us emails about make up classes unless you have special circumstances.

If you have an injury or illness and have to take a longer break, let us know via Email. Please also refer to our AGB's.


What should I wear to class?

Pole Dance: fitted top and shorts. Legwarmers, socks, pants, sweaters etc. may be worn as needed during the warm-up and cool-down. We usually train barefoot, but if you need socks or ballet slippers, go ahead. If you want to throw on your high heels, bring them to class and ask if you can wear them. Some choreos will be taught in high heels, but it is always optional, never required.

S Factor® FFM® & Floorwork: fitted top and leggings or shorts are recommended. Warm layers and knee pads as needed. More about clothes will be discussed in the classes. Later you will need some play clothes and high heels...

Aerial Flow Yoga & Aerial Hoop: fitted top and leggings are recommended. Warm layers as needed.


What should I bring to class?

Your clothing & shoes as needed, a water bottle and small towel for wiping hands etc.

You may use grip products very carefully but only on the chrome poles - never on the brass poles!

Please don't make a chalky / grippy mess with grip products - or clean it up if you have.

We have a lovely shower ready for your use after class, so bring a towel & soap products if you plan on showering. We also have a hair dryer. Please note: the studio is only available for 15min use after the last class. Water & tea are available for all of our students in the studio free of charge.


When should I arrive to class?

You can come 15min before your scheduled class time and wait inside the studio in our downstairs foyer until the current class is finished. We don't usually have breaks scheduled between classes so try to change and be ready on time. Please note: some classes are fully closed and should not be disturbed until they have finished. In this case the studio doors may be locked until your class time. You can still wait comfortably in the building's hallway until the doors have opened. We do this to protect the privacy of our participants and ask for your understanding. If a class is underway and doors are open, please wait until there is a break and respectfully cross the dance floor to the dressing room without disturbing the class or getting in the teacher's or participant's way. If you are unsure - just wait!


Done with class - done?

Immediately after your class, please wipe the pole(s) & mat(s) you have used so they are clean and fresh for the next person! Spray bottles and towels are on the dance floor. Please put any garbage in the trashcans, any used glasses should be put in the dishwasher or sink. Check your space and make sure you haven't forgotten any socks, hairbands etc. There is a lost and found box in the dressing room if you left something. Please respect your studio and each other.


Which language is used in class?

All of our teachers can teach in both German and English - let us know if you don't understand German and they will translate. Shannon teaches S Factor® classes primarily in English with German translations as needed. Let us know before class if you have special needs. We want all of our students to understand what we are saying.


Any more questions?

Drop us an email


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Tel: +43 6803331194


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