S Factor® is a feminine movement practice, a sensuous workout for body and soul. It is intelligently designed to open the feminine body into her full, free, erotic expression. The S in S Factor symbolizes the curve, the unique expression and the rounded edges of the feminine. S is the embodiment of strength and softness, of power and vulnerability.


S Factor® classes are for every woman, regardless of body type or fitness level. The classes have similar health benefits to yoga or pilates while offering a supportive environment for self-expression. Women who have tried pole dance and found it to be too hard on their bodies are encouraged to give S and its more natural approach a try. Alternatively, students who enjoy pole dance may also be interested in this new approach to connect to their bodies in a whole new way.


S Factor Journey®

  Floorwork, Pole Dance, Strip Tease,

Lap Dance, Choreography, Freestyle

120 min Class / 8 Week Course


Fluid Feminine Movement®

A pure Floorwork Movement Class

90 min Open Class

elfenbein pole dance

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